August 13, 2017

Trump’s America: The Charlottesville Horror

TRUMP IS A DUMPOn August 11th, 2017, hundreds of white supremacists rallied together in the collegetown of Charlottesville, Virginia in order to spread fear, hatred, and bigotry amongst the people of the town. For the “alt-right” white supremacists, this was a rally against the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. With lit torches in hand, the protesters also meant to strike a message to anyone not of their race and ideology, showing that they were rallying to take back America for themselves.

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August 13, 2017

The Birds and The Bees: The Importance of Sex Education

sex-987126_640Sex. It is uncomfortable to talk about, but it is an important subject nonetheless. Despite the awkward feelings that come with sex education, it is crucial in informing young adults about the dangers of unsafe sex and educates them on how to practice safe sex. Sex education curriculums help reduce the occurrence of sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmissions and teenage pregnancy. In the states where sex education is not required, teenagers have been getting their sex education through the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program that Former President Barack Obama started in 2010. If the TPP Program is the best way to educate teenagers whose schools do not provide sex education, then why is the Trump administration completely cutting off funding for it? Continue reading

August 13, 2017

Can your political opinions get in the way of doing your job


Black Lives Matter is a movement/organization that started in 2012, spreading awareness in the U.S about the ways in which Black lives are deprived of their basic human rights and dignity. There is also an opposing movement that claim All Lives Matter. A true statement, but one that takes away from the real issue of racism. When celebrities in the black community want to speak out in support of the movement, they always choose a careful time to do it. Jesse Williams, actor on the ABC drama Greys Anatomy gave an eloquent acceptance speech at the BET awards about his support and need for awareness to the movement. Singer The Weekend shows his stance through donations, a silent but obvious sign of support. NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick showed his fight by kneeling during the National Anthem at a football game, a stunt that many believe cost him his job. The argument is, was it his political stance, or his field performance that lead him to be jobless today; I say it’s both. Continue reading

August 13, 2017

Trump Just Cut Funding to The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Even Though It Works

5359438During his administration Obama created the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, a program that funds organizations that work to prevent teen pregnancy throughout the U.S. The programs costs about $100 million per year and reaches 1 million teens in 40 states and territories. The TPP program funds 81 different organizations through 5 year grants. However, last month the Trump administration decided to cut funding, meaning that these 5 year grants are now three year grants set to end in 2018 as opposed to 2020. The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) has only recently offered a reason for the cuts stating that it was due to, “very weak evidence of positive impact of these programs.” In light of this news, these organizations are scrambling for funding and critics have opposed this move made by the Trump administration offering numerous amounts of statistics and evidence that this program is effective.

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August 12, 2017

Where’s the magic school bus?


With the end of summer, students were excited to attend their first week of school in the state of Hawaiʻi. However, middle school and high school students in Maui were faced with transportation issues due to the the lack of bus drivers on those islands. Many families have been scrambling to find another form of transportation for their children and many do not know when this issue will be resolved. If every child has a right to an education, they should have access to transportation to get to their school. Students can not practice their right to free education if they donʻt have access to transportation. Continue reading

August 12, 2017

Democracy Might Be Dead in 2020

ballot-1294935_640As President Trump continues to shock the American people in every waking minute, a new controversial poll broke out this week and, this time, it didn’t come out of Trump’s mouth. The Washington Post recently conducted a poll that asked American citizens if they were to support or oppose a proposal from Trump himself asking for a postponement in the 2020 presidential election that until the country can make sure that only eligible Americans can voice. The results are quite shocking as 52 percent of Republicans say they would support the move. Although some Americans may like the idea of postponement, I am highly against it as it goes against the US Constitution and goes against almost every American moral we stand by. The election may be three years away from us, but there should not be a postponement of any kind to the 2020 presidential election as the democratic process will be destroyed in the making in order to keep Trump’s title of the “leader of the free world.” Continue reading

August 12, 2017

Taylor Swift Fighting the Patriarchy


In the headlines we see Taylor Swift is currently in a legal battle with David Mueller, but it raises the question, is this a sociological problem (which often occurs in this industry) or perhaps just one guy who made a mistake? There is no doubt in my mind that Taylor Swift is honest in her allegations that “former radio DJ for KYGO, inappropriately touched her at a backstage meet-and-greet at Denver’s Pepsi Center in June 2013.” There is photo evidence confirming Continue reading

August 10, 2017

The Rail Is A Fail

Oahu, Hawaii is ranked number one for the worst traffic in the nation.This horrible traffic is due to having limited road space, a high population, and the amount vehicles almost equalling the amount of people on the island. That means for every one person there is one vehicle.When having almost as much vehicles as the state’s population, this creates problems due to the roads not being able to sustain that many cars. This problem had led to our government to finding the best possible solution, which is to build a rail transit. Continue reading

August 9, 2017

Smartphone Zombies- How to stop this addiction

FILE PHOTO: A woman uses a mobile device while working out in San Francisco Imagine going out to the store to buy some groceries and all you have is your cell phone. You then receive a text message from a friend and you can’t resist the urge but to look at your phone while crossing the street. You’re not paying attention to your surroundings and don’t see an oncoming car speeding down the road. The driver of the car is also on his phone, texting, while going 40mph on a 25mph road and is not weary of other pedestrians crossing. You cross on the “don’t walk” sign because you’re too attached to texting and at the very last minute the driver rams his breaks to come to a complete stop, nearly causing an accident. The both of you are shaken up after the incident, but luckily no one was hurt after both parties were careless in their decisions and didn’t take heed of the consequences when breaking the law. Who would you blame in this situation? Who’s at fault? I argue that the driver was at fault in this scenario because they’re supposed to heed to the pedestrians and pay attention while driving; however, the person using their phone while crossing the street is also to blame due to reckless endangerment. Continue reading

August 9, 2017

Addressing Both Aspects of the Opioid Epidemic

depression-824998_640If there is one thing that every human has in common, it is the fact that we can all feel pain. Recovering from a surgery or getting injured could inflict chronic pain, and when the pain gets unbearable, many people turn to opioid drugs. Opioid drugs, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, are meant to treat moderate to severe pain. But with the rise of opioid addiction and abuse in the United States, are these drugs doing us more harm than good? Continue reading

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