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May 24, 2011

The start of a news commentary site

Welcome to “808Opinions”–a news and issues commentary site from the middle of the Pacific.  From Hawaii, to be more precise.

The site is momentarily bare. Within a few weeks, it will begin to have articles, written by concerned citizens who follow the news, think about their communities, and weigh in carefully on what they find to be pressing social issues, both nationally and locally.  808 strives for a diversity of opinions, careful critical analysis, and civil discourse–as opposed to the kind of polemical, ideology-laden back-and-forth argumentation that, unfortunately, characterizes much of the political sphere these days in the US.

When the articles appear, this introductory note will disappear.  (It exists in near duplicate as an “About” note elsewhere on the site.)  When you stop by, you’ll see, in order of their most recent, the new posts by our collective of authors.  Feel free to contribute to the conversation by commenting on posts, contacting contributors directly, sharing items with others in your own social networking circles, on your Twitter feed, and so on.

We hope you will return frequently once the articles appear.  Read, talk back to us, join the discussion. If you wish to become a contributor, please contact us to let us know; there is always room for another voice at 808Opinions.

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