Time to End ObamaCare

With the upcoming 2012 elections, we as Americans will have the choice to decide which presidential candidate will do the best job at running our country. A big issue that has come to surface during the campaigns is whether the Affordable Health Care Act which was introduced by President Obama will be the right decision for America. This act is also popularly known as “ObamaCare” by those who are in opposition to this act. This act will allow millions of Americans across the nation gain access to health care as well as reap benefits. However, although this act seems promising, there are many areas of the act that are problematic. The Republican Party is not in favor of the implementation of this act and plan on repealing it if a republican is elected in office.

I know that living in America, we have lots of privileges that other countries don’t.  We have the power as a nation to do exceedingly amazing things.  I do believe that health care is something that we as Americans should all have regardless of any circumstances that we face.  There shouldn’t be anything that holds us back from fulfilling a need such as health insurance.  The people of America need to be taken care of and I’m sure that’s something that we all could agree on.  ObamaCare makes health care more accessible and not difficult to obtain for those who were deprived of this privilege.  However, although we are able to provide health insurance for more Americans, it is not the best solution.  ObamaCare is a “one size fits all” type of plan, meaning that it will benefit some, but not all.  This act is a great idea and I’m sure it means well for those who are currently deprived of health insurance, but what about the rest of us?  If this act is implemented, we as Americans will be limited when it comes to choosing our own health insurance.  This personal decision that we should be able to make on our own will be mandated by the government and this decision will be made for us.  We will no longer have the ability to choose whether we want health insurance from our companies or private health insurance.  There are millions of Americans who purchase health insurance through their companies that they work for and through private insurance companies.  If this act were implemented, those people, including myself would have to take on the burden of adjusting to this act and its restrictions.  We’d have to adjust to all the changes that this act will bring instead of being comfortable with the insurance that we previously had.  This act would be an inconvenience for many because of all the changes that would have to take place in our personal lives and the stability we once had when it comes to health insurance.  Health insurance should be something that we’re confident and comfortable in.  Just because more people are insured doesn’t mean that everyone will be fully taken care of or secured in this new act.   Do we really want the government to be involved in this area of our lives?

In a recent poll, 50 percent of Americans are in favor of repealing ObamaCare. A huge reason is because individuals do not want the government mandating a decision that is seen as personal to some. Two-thirds of the nation receives health care from their employers and about 3 million purchase insurance from privately owned companies. This population of people and possibly more will be affected if and when Obama care takes place. People will be limited to the freedom of choice that they have when it comes to choosing health coverage that they are actually comfortable with. This act is seen as a “one size fits all” type of insurance policy and just because it reaches a big amount of people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option for every American. After the year 2014, companies with 50 or more workers who do not offer health benefits will be fined at least $2,000 per worker. Eighty-one percent of US companies say that they will still offer health care to their employees while the rest remain unsure. There are also people out there who fear that this act will tempt companies to cut back on offering health care to their employees.

There are a number of solutions of repealing ObamaCare other than just having the Republican Party dominate the US House and Senate and having Obama replaced in the White House. The first solution would be that the states would have to reject the expansion of Medicaid. The targeted population who are currently uninsured and to be covered by ObamaCare would be receiving health care via Medicaid. It is said that the states are currently battling with the financial burdens that Medicaid adds. So ultimately, if the states do decide to stop expanding Medicaid then ObamaCare will have a difficult time functioning. If this goes according to plan, exchanges will have to take place.  An exchange must be made by a state if they decide to purchase insurance on their own and not through ObamaCare.  This exchange must be approved by the government.  The states who decide to do this are expected to be responsible for the planning, developing and executing an exchange if they decide to take matters into their own hands. If not, the government will step in and create an exchange for the state. However, if the government creates the exchange, the residents will not receive federal subsidies to purchase health insurance that is mandated by the government. If no subsides are provided, there will be little to no interest in purchasing insurance that is designed by the government. If the states allow the government to create the exchanges, then small businesses would be saved from the penalties companies face if they do not decide to purchase government-mandated insurance. Without the fear of facing penalties, companies are able to use their money towards improving their companies and not carry the financial burden of paying for health insurance.

Although there is heavy opposition to this new act being introduced and possibly implemented, there are very strong supporters as well. The Obama campaign is standing firm in believing that this is what is best for Americans. They defend the effectiveness of this act by stating that women, children, the poor, and Latinos will be covered for health insurance. These populations of people are targeted when it comes to being deprived of health care. They use personal testimonies on how this act has helped change other people’s lives such as the elderly being able to fill their prescriptions and women being able to go in for screenings for free. However, the use of ObamaCare may actually raise the actual cost of health care if an individual must go in for additional screenings. The Obama campaign also claims that women are being benefitted from this act and although it may be true, there are women organizations who also oppose this act. Heather Higgins who is President and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice (501 (c) (4) non-partisan, nonprofit, organization for mainstream women, men and families) stated, “Mitt Romney’s decision to put pen to paper and sign The ObamaCare Repeal Pledge shows voters that, when it comes to health care, it gets it. He understands that ObamaCare represents a government infringement on our constitutional liberties, and he knows that if implemented, it will lead to more government bureaucrats between doctors and their patients, and will limit patients’ choice and control. Because Mitt Romney has signed the Pledge he has sent a clear message to voters that, as President, he will sign the full and complete repeal of this government take-over of our private health care decisions.”

In conclusion, we must act together as a nation to repeal this act. Even though may be covering many Americans, we need to take into consideration that just because we are reaching many, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are helping them. This act also is cutting back on funding for providing health care services to over a million immigrants living illegally in the United States. There are over a thousand hospitals across the nation whose sole purpose is to provide health services to people regardless if they’re medically insured or a citizen of the US. Cutting back on funds for these hospitals will result in jobs lost for the people employed at these hospitals. This act will cause troubles for Americans all across the nation from limiting them from choosing which health care insurance is right for them to people losing their jobs because of this act and the penalty fees that they may have to pay if they do not abide by what this act calls for.

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One Comment to “Time to End ObamaCare”

  1. Obamacare isn’t perfect. And Obama has offered to work on issues to fix them if so hopefully he might speak to some of the concerns you’ve listed. However, the problem with repealing is then what? Are we supposed to ignore the fact that millions of Americans don’t have health insurance? Or are we supposed to offer a replacement? If there is a replacement offered and it sounds better than the ACA, then by all means repeal it.

    But the ACA has various of benefits–even not relating to health care. It will help create jobs, lower the deficit, and I think it will help uninsured Americans in the long run (and even those who have health insurance now I think will benefit). But while there are definitely flaws, and yes, Americans who have insurance now will have to adjust, repealing it without proposing any replacement is the worst course of action we can take. Ask Massachusetts; it seems to work pretty well there.

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