The Fight for Equality

The issue of same-sex marriage has constantly been in the media for quite some time. There are many speculations, many views, both negative and positive, and also many opinions on the issue itself. Why such the widespread to legalize same-sex marriage? What triggered someone, or something to really go above and beyond, and really try to get this law passed? One word, equality. Not only in America, but also across the world, individuals have been fighting for equality. During the mid 1900’s women were fighting for their rights, and the ability to vote. Before that, African Americans were always put down, and discriminated based on their skin color. African American’s weren’t given the opportunity, to sit in front of the bus, weren’t allowed to use the same restrooms as other individuals, and were always dead last in anything that people were a part of. But, both of these issues have gotten better as years passed. So now that the issue of legalizing same-sex marriages has been in the media and press, there has been a media out roar. If other issues such as discrimination, and voting rights can get pass, there is a 100% chance that the issue of same-sex marriage can also be passed. Same-sex marriages should be legalized in order to create equality and get rid of stereotypes that people have against the LGBT community.

Same-sex marriage has made a lot of progress during the past couple of years. For example, the states that issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and the District of Columbia. States that allow civil unions, and state-level spousal rights to same sex couples are Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. The states that have granted nearly all state-level spousal rights are California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. States that provide some state-level spousal rights to unmarried couples are Hawaii, Maine, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia. So as you can see, there has been a lot of progress being made.

Same-sex marriages should be legalized for many reasons, however there are many controversies preventing it from happening. One of the biggest controversies that prevent same-sex marriages from going through is the issue of a traditional marriage within the religious system. Many times people believe that a marriage must be between a man and a women, however, there really is no such thing as a traditional marriage. Also, the idea of gay marriage is protected by the Constitution’s commitments to liberty and equality. The US Supreme Court declared in 1974 that “freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause” said Judge Vaughn Walker. Basically what this means is that everyone should have a say and should have the option of being with whoever they want to be with, regardless of gender, and color.

Many gay and lesbian couples that fight for equality and want to get married and want benefits if something were to happen to their other half. By allowing same-sex marriages, couples are able to have hospital visitation rights, taxation and inheritance rights, and also access to family health coverage, and protection if the relationship were to end. Allowing same-sex marriage can also lead to the option for gay couples to adopt children as well. There are so many children waiting to get adopted, and what better hands could you be in, rather than two parents who are willing to raise children with nothing but love and support? Though the issue of overpopulation is in the media as of lately, same-sex marriage getting legalized can ultimately slow the pace of birth rates around the world, because instead of having another women carry their baby, the option of adopting is there. Many people argue that the price may be too expensive, but if adopting a child is in your goals, you will do anything to achieve that goal and work hard. 40-50% of babies are being born to unmarried mothers, which is why heterosexual couples and many others are against same- sex marriage because they believe that since divorce rates are skyrocket, then the same will happen to same-sex couples. However this can change as well. If babies are being born to unmarried mothers, use contraceptives; take initiative to control something like this happening. As for divorce, the divorce is between a man and a woman, so who says that a man and a man, or a woman and a woman can’t make this work out? Many people are only stereotyping the issue, and scared of change. People are so used to the norm, that they don’t want anything to change. But if you don’t change, and aren’t willing to grow as not only an individual, but also a nation together, we will always live a life that is full of same routines, and will end up regretting not legalizing issues such as this.

In conclusion, though the issue of same-sex marriage is constantly changing. There are many perspectives, and stereotypes to the issue but somehow and some way we as a country are going to have to make some changes. We as a country can’t always live in the now, the present, and be content. Sometimes all you need is change. President Obama just recently came out and discussed his approval of same-sex marriage, so let’s get on this bandwagon, start a change, and live for a happy, and healthier future!

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