Pay To Marry Yourself For Happiness?

Marry yourselfEver wondered if you could marry yourself? Well look no further because self-wedding kits are here. What is Self-marriage? Jewelry designer Jeffrey Levin and branding and consulting expert Bonnie Powers showcased a product called “I Married Me, Self-Wedding Box” inside this box contains a silver or gold ring, with two prices, either $45 or $300. Extra content includes a ceremony card, three “promises me” cards, and affirmation card for each week. The Self-wedding box is intended to reassure one’s life is always whether it’s the feeling of failure or loss of a dear importance. The ring isn’t used to imply being forever alone, but to remind oneself of the positive attitude and compliments. Bonnie Power says “Happiness is contagious.” I believe that to be true but, happiness is larger influenced on closer relationships, such as friends or neighbors. I don’t believe that happiness and positive emotions can be embodied in a piece of metal and cards.

Marriage is defined as “the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law”. Happiness and positive self-boosters should be naturally gained and lost through eventful chapters in a given life-time-from success in educational learning to personal hobbies and interest. We all have our days of feeling like we’re on top of the world. So why pay for happiness when it can be gained for free? The money earned from selling self-marriage kit “is a way to fund their message, which ultimately, will hopefully encourage people to have stronger relationships – not just with themselves, but with others as well.”   All I could intake from hearing that, is taking sad-lives money and expanding the companies’ production. “We want to give people that sense of reminder and that reaffirmation that they are going to be okay.” Said by Power, the ring seems to symbolize a supportive hand in times of need. Then again, any object hold sentimental memories that could be used to assure positive thoughts.

Some question the idea of self-marriage by saying “why do people need to put a ring on it and spend money on a wedding when they can just, you know, tap their heels twice and affirm their love for themselves for free, or by buying shoes?” Power responds “that a lot of people have a void in themselves and they’re looking to fill it. We’re trying to remind people that they already have all that awesomeness inside. This isn’t about waiting for the right one; it’s about you being the right one.” So, how exactly does one become the right one for themselves? Giving positive feedbacks and comments to oneself is apparently the answer to treating the “void”. Telling ourselves “I’m good, I’m solid and I’m worthy” while looking at a piece of metal is going to assure us that we’re finding what we’ve been searching for ourselves. Though, what if, the public begins to bash with negative comments; I believe that the “void” can be widened with the reverse outcome from the self-marriage ring.

Lavishing ourselves with compliments during difficult situation is understandable, but there are other free-rider solutions. Maggie Lange states, “if you just bought a DIY-kit to marry yourself, you’re probably not sure what is up with your life right now” to spend money to find what it means to feel happy and positive of oneself, the idea of spending money to find happiness just seems farfetched. One shouldn’t be paying any money to obtain something that could be acquired through other means. Why get a piece of metal and papers when technology these days is enhanced to allow users to set reminders for themselves. There are more efficient ways of setting reminders such as using mobile calendars or create notifications for each day to pop-up a note with positive quotes. The positive aspect of even having a self-wedding is to have written documents of goals sets for your own good. It is true that being positive and staying happy creates a better productivity rate.  Although having a self-wedding just seems to be out of the usual norm many find the self-wedding as a way to draw attention.  Feeling special about oneself and learning to love you-yourself does not require the acknowledgement of a marriage. “Marriage” to oneself seems to grab attention the publics because it just doesn’t seem appropriate to marry yourself. Many partake in self-marriage claiming that it is an option in which one assumes to be “forever alone”. Self-marriage seems to be a public way to announce to the world that being single is better than traditional marriage. Some may assume that once you partake in the self-marriage you’ll be living with dozen of cats. Stereotypical by society but, I could see why the reverse outcome of the self-wedding kit is proposed.

Self-weddings don’t seem like more of a way to increase a person’s self-esteem or positive outlook. It seems to be a way to gain profit over those without the confidence to overlook the self-wedding option and go for a societal assistance option. Happiness can’t be seen physically but it’s an emotion to be expressed through facial structure or physical movements. So, how exactly does anyone pay for happiness or positive emotions and feelings? Slowly grows on me that happiness can’t be stamped on a ring or written on documents. It should be a way to learn how to feel what happiness is. Everyone’s positive outlook on themselves is different, and the goals to defining one’s self as “happy” or “awesome” is weighted differently.

There are those who feel that the “self-wedding” kit is effective but isn’t that the same as telling yourself the product is working? Those who use the self-wedding kit are portrayed as being tired of the single status and feeling the incompetence to try look for a special someone. Powers does say “the idea of loving yourself so you’re more able to love others is another core tenet of their mission” But, in terms of marriage, isn’t it the ideal to make   spouse happy? From Seth Adam Smith “No true relationship of love is for you. Love is about the person you love” If that is true, how does one exactly know how much he/she should love his self and herself before finding happiness?


One Comment to “Pay To Marry Yourself For Happiness?”

  1. This DIY Marry-yourself kit is pretty interesting. There are tons of products that prowl and feed on sad and depressed consumers who look for ways to reach happiness. Take for example the popular book known as “The Secret.” In this book, they encourage the same thing, positivity and the attainment of happiness through belief in one’s self. There are also self-help/self-development books where the steps are laid out more specifically. I think this method of having a ring to remind yourself is a great way to sell the product. After all, they’re given something to constantly remind themselves and keep them on track.

    The only mistake they made was bringing in the topic of marriage, especially during a time where same sex marriage is a hot topic. At the same time, it makes sense. They want this “promise” to yourself important and symbolic.

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