Why a Gamer should buy a PlayStation 4


When you compare current game consoles on the internet using online chat rooms, you create an online chat war.  The biggest conversation going on in the gaming community these days is the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One battle over which console is better.  Everybody has their own reason to believe that one system is better than the other; some people argue over the exclusive games that each one offers while others argue just because they’ve been long time fans of a game system.   So which is the better game console?

On the first day of the Xbox One’s launch, over one million consoles were sold worldwide in less than 24 hours.  In that time, over 60 million zombies were killed in “Dead Rising 3,” 3.6 million miles were driven in “Forza Motorsport 5,” and over 43.3 million Fit Points were earned in Xbox Fitness.  With that being said, you can say that Xbox One is a popular gaming console.  But why is it such a popular gaming console?  Let’s start with its name.

Why would you name your next-generation gaming console “Xbox One” when the previous gaming console was known as the “Xbox 360”?  Is it going backwards?  Jeff Henshaw, an Engineering Manager for the Xbox One, offered some insight, stating that the reason it went from 360 to one would be because it would be the “one” device to address all the entertainment a person would need to enjoy what they have on their TV.  In other words, it can be the only input connected to your television.

With that being said, Microsoft decided to focus the Xbox One’s development on TV and entertainment options rather than games.  Microsoft’s partnerships with companies such as Time Warner Cable, Verizon Fios, and Comcast Xfinity are just a few examples of this focus.  One of the key features displayed in its very first promotional video of the Xbox One was its partnership with the NFL and its fantasy football stream.  This feature alone gives the Xbox One a very strong competitive advantage for consumers in the US.  At the same time, it makes you wonder, what about everyone else in the world?

There are two features that stand out with the Xbox One: its Cloud feature and its “Kinect” camera.  It’s only been a year since I’ve first heard of Cloud Computing and it’s already being implemented into our daily technology.  But wait, what is cloud computing? For those of you who are new to this concept, it is by Wikipedia definition, the “practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.”  In simple terms, it’s the ability to store and access data using Microsoft’s regional datacenters.

Xbox One’s Kinect camera can not only take pictures and incorporate your movements into the game; it can now take voice commands and follow your every movement.  It can even pull up your profile, without you having to log in.  All you have to do is walk into its camera’s view and it will log you in using your face.  What if there are two users in the room?  Which one will it log into?  Better yet… what if I made a clay model of someone else’s face to log me into their account?

The PS4 was made for games.  Mark Cerny, PS4’s Lead Architect, spoke with around 30 teams of game developers about what they wanted in the PS4.  As a result, Sony has enabled its developers more power in the development of their games.   PS4 will enable developers to patch their games as and when needed as well as open servers that allow PS4 players to fight alongside or against PC players.  Not only will technical problems be handled more quickly and efficiently, the online gaming experience for PS4 players will be on a whole new level.  Online worlds will not only be limited to PS4 players but PC players all over the world.

The PS4 is powerful.  Let’s compare the hardware facts of Xbox One to PS4.  In each game console, there is a graphic card.  Each graphic card is composed of compute units with 64 stream processors each.  The PS4 has 18 compute units, or 1152 stream processors, while the Xbox One only has 12 compute units, or 768 stream processors.  This means that the PS4 has a 40% more powerful graphics solution.  In simple terms, this means much better graphics.

Compute engines is a relatively new technology in gaming consoles when it comes to managing graphics and things such as the game’s physics and AI (Artificial Intelligence).  The Xbox One has 2 compute engines that can handle 8 commands each.  On the other hand, the PS4 has 8 compute engines that can also handle 8 commands each.  What does this mean?  It means that the PS4 has four times the ability to create dynamic game environments, both in graphics and gameplay experience.

Now if you’re wondering what the PS4 has in comparison to Xbox One’s Cloud, the answer is Gaikai.  Gaikai is a company that has been leveraging the “cloud” long before people knew it existed.  Their vision has been to make video games as easily accessible as movies and music.  The Gaikai cloud will also enable the Vita and PS4 to easily handle powerful games.  Just like Xbox One’s Cloud, PlayStation’s Gaikai will be taking care of the ample amounts of data needed to play powerful games on your game consoles.  What’s the difference?  Your guess is as good as mine.

If you pull all the facts into one little bubble, you’ll see that both consoles have their own strengths.  In my opinion, they’re both great consoles.  If you’re a person who is very much into a one-stop shop for controlling everything on your TV, Xbox One is the system to go with.  This makes it a console that is great for everyone in your living room.  PS4 on the other hand was designed for developers to create powerful games.  Although these hardware differences are considered by some as insignificant differences, these small details can potentially have huge effects on the output and quality of games.  In the long term, PS4 exclusive games will look much better than Xbox One Exclusives.  So which is the better game console?  The answer is simple.  If you wanted to buy a race car, would you buy a car that was made for everyday use? Or would you buy the one that was made for racing?


2 Comments to “Why a Gamer should buy a PlayStation 4”

  1. While Gaikai sounds great, I’ve yet to see any tangible proof that it offers game streaming solutions. For one, built in backwards comparability has been removed in favor of Gaikai, but Gaikai is not yet available. What will all those users who want to play their old games right now do? Another problem is that we have not yet seen whether Sony’s servers can handle the stress of supporting all these millions of downloads. And will it cover all locations, even remote or rural ones?

    On the other hand, the Xbox One also does not offer backwards compatibility. At least Sony has promised the service of Gaikai in the future, rather than telling its consumers to just use the old console like Microsoft did.

    While your analysis on the processing power of each console is convincing, if there is no backwards compatibility for me it’s not a sale. After all, sometimes you just want to play an old game instead of always playing something new.

  2. ^ is my comment

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