Taking Entertainment To A Whole New Reality

Oculus 2If 3D gaming wasn’t satisfying the realistic standards then, this technological improvement will change the Meta of entertainment. The device is called “Oculus Rift” immerses the user to be in control of the game. Oculus Rift allows the user to move by slightly tilting the head and, 360 degrees of visual prowess creating the virtual reality. The device was showcased in E3 conference resulting in many curious crowds’ attention; all with the possibility of seeing the Rift stocked in electronic retail stores. The Oculus Rift wasn’t released during the E3 conference though, because the question of whether the device might cause motion sickness. Testing of the Oculus Rift is currently still in progress by developers. Virtual Reality was not a big hype until the 1990’s which was still at the stage of blueprint ideas. With the current news of Andreessen Horowitz donating $75 million to fund the Oculus Rift helps promotes the haste of creation. I think the Oculus Rift is going to be one of the largest changes into the technological era today; The Verge questions “What do you think? You ready to change the world?” and CEO Brendan Iribe responds “absolutely, let’s do it. It was pretty much unanimous, right then and there”

 There are questions of whether the Oculus Rift causes motion sickness or would it be an annoyance to feel the goggles. These are concerns from consumers that motivate the Oculus team to create the virtual reality without any after effects of illness such as headaches or nausea feeling. The Oculus Rift is working on prototypes using Samsung’s OLED which allows the pixels to load at a micro-second speed. The reasons why some people experience nausea or dizziness after staring at a monitor for an extent amount of time, is the disoriented loading proportion of the pixels. We see these as latency lags or motion blur, which has been rumored to be fixed in using the Oculus Rift. Having headphones on and having goggles on while playing games or watching movies might seem irritable, right? Well, the point of the Oculus Rift is to send the users into a 360 degree environment unable to even feel the goggles. The $2.4 million kickstart in August was a huge success as the Rift was being sold to developers around $300 each.

 With the funding’s from Andreessen Horowitz, I believe the progress of releasing to the consumers would be pushed to an earlier date. $75 million was a huge boost to the Oculus team as they continue to settle down the stability of the Rift. The display image on the Oculus Rift is going to be set at around 1080p which is watching movies at High Definition graphics. With such decent graphics, the visual intensity from playing horror games to intense combat games could be a literal jump-off-the-chair feeling. The progress of the Oculus Rift from May till now was a huge improvement, from feeling like a smartphone glued to glasses to an elusive goggle. The health problem dealing with motion sickness has been atoned to in the second version of the Oculus Rift. The first Oculus Rift was known as “One of the Easiest ways to make yourself sick” according to John Carmack, Oculus VR chief technical officer. Others might say that having the Oculus Rift could cause other health problems such as strokes or heart attacks. Well, the Oculus Rift was created for current testing for any larger health problems. But, I just have to say isn’t the Oculus Rift doing what it’s meant to do? The excitement and intensity is the same as being placed in the same physical situation.

 The achievement of the Oculus Rift could allow even more than just gaming and watching movies for entertainment. It could be used for educational purpose such as taking student into documentaries to keep their attention. I definitely remember being in class as the teacher decides to leave a documentary for students to educate themselves with; half-way in the movie the students are all drowned out in their own napping session. With the Oculus Rift, the capability of having the virtual tour could keep the attention of students. Also, be able to keep the experience as muscle memory instead of watching the video and then saying “What did I just watch?” Now all this sounds impressive but, the price of the Oculus Rift might cause some to back down. Though, if you’re a hardcore gamer and decides that 3D just isn’t enough to satisfy the craving of intense action then $300 should be nothing to invest in these goggles.

The advancements from 16 months ago with just the plan, Iribe far exceeded their expectation. Those who pre-ordered the Oculus Rift at $300 experienced the realism from playing their games. Playing with horror games and equipped with the Oculus Rift gave some people a run for their lives, immersed in the believable atmosphere responded to the creators with praise-worthy comments. Though, the drawbacks of having the Oculus Rift is that its only capable on a PC; John Carmack is still in the progress of making the Oculus Rift a wireless goggle in which it could collaborate with Android phones. Virtual reality won’t just be for entertainment but, used in design and architectures, Andreessen has been working on Virtual Reality for 20 years and this Oculus Rift is the closest technology to his knowing. Our growing technological era went from smart phones to virtual reality; I believe the continuation of creating the Oculus Rift from wired to wireless will change the Meta of this era.

 The games we play and the physical aspect of the world could be infused in this virtual reality technology. The only downside in its progression is the immobility due to the wire connecting to the PC. In other words, the user only has a range from sitting on his or her chair. I believe the virtual reality could be used to increase social media to a whole new level. Instead of just talking through chat boxes, each person could be visually seen and heard through the virtual reality world. These Oculus goggles will help take our entertainment to a whole new level just like the movie “The Matrix”. I would spend $300 just to see the new future of virtual gaming, forget 3-D when you could interact with the game itself.


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