The Illegal Deception of Planned Parenthood

Defund Planned Parenthood 12By Susan Ha

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics that has been globally debated about for decades, and over 57 million abortion procedures have been provided since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States, and the reason why it has been in the middle of this debate since it began. On the political side, Republicans are viewed by many as more religious and conservative than Democrats, and vote more towards policies that agree with their Christian values and beliefs. The Bible commands, “Thou shalt not kill,” in Exodus 20:13. Therefore, they believe that abortion is murder, and this view is termed pro-life. However, Democrats believe that a woman has a reproductive right to “choose” to have an abortion, and this view is termed pro-choice. The decades of struggle was stated by a senior Democratic aide: “The immovable object is about to meet the unstoppable force: Republicans cannot pass a bill that funds Planned Parenthood and congressional Democrats and President [Barack] Obama cannot vote for or sign a bill that defunds it.” However, recent evidence showing that Planned Parenthood illegally profits from the sale of fetal tissue and conducts illegal and unethical abortion practices, should conclude with the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood gets more than $500 million of its $1.3 billion annual budget from federal and state programs. The organization is a product of the union between the eugenicists and the birth controllers movements, the latter being founded by Margaret Sanger. Both movements considered America a “race” that could be strengthened by increasing the birth rate of the “fit,” or affluent, above the “unfit,” or the poor. They considered the “unfit” to be immigrant Catholics and Jews, which was later replaced by blacks and Hispanics. The eugenicists wanted the educated descendants of Northern Europeans, the nation’s dominant group, to increase its birthrate and warned of “race suicide.” Birth controllers wanted to decrease the birth rate of the “unfit” instead. Ms. Stanger stated that “the most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it,” and that “birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.” However, due to increasing hostility from the public because of the movements’ association with Nazism, they united in 1938 and called themselves Birth Control Federation of America (BFCA). They then changed their name to Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942, and was the “only national birth-control organization until the abortion-reform movement that began in the late 1960’s.”

A string of secretly made videos of Planned Parenthood employees were made public by the Center of Medical Progress recently, and it shows the negotiating of baby parts being sold as “specimens,” as if they were cars or homes and not human beings. The head of the company, David Daleiden, stated, “The goal of our investigation is to reveal the truth about Planned Parenthood’s trafficking and sale of aborted baby body parts for profit, which is illegal and unethical.” He added, “Taxpayers should not be paying for these atrocities against humanity.” In one of the videos, a Planned Parenthood executive seeking a profit is negotiating over the rate for intact fetal organs, laughing that her goal is a Lamborghini, and commenting that she wants to be sure that she’s getting a competitive price. In another video, a Planned Parenthood employee points out the “intact kidneys and a spinal column in a pie dish of the torn-apart remains of a first-trimester fetus,” and says that they prefer to sell as a “per-item thing” instead of a flat fee, so they can see how much they can get out of it. Profiting from the sale of human organs and tissues violates federal law. This sparked outrage from House Republican leaders, who announced a congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood, and 12 states have started investigations of their own. Even Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton, a Planned Parenthood supporter and pro-choice advocate, found the videos to be “disturbing.”

House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner argued, “When an organization monetizes an unborn child – and with the cavalier attitude portrayed in this horrific video – we must all act.” New York Times columnist Ross Douthat exclaimed, “And the problem these videos create for Planned Parenthood isn’t just a generalized queasiness at surgery and blood. It’s a very specific disgust, informed by reason and experience – the reasoning that notes that it’s precisely a fetus’s humanity that makes its organs valuable, and the experience of recognizing one’s own children, on the ultrasound monitor and after, as something  more than just ‘products of conception’ or tissue for the knife.” In addition, Dr. Arthur Caplan, NYU Langone Medical Center’s Department of Population Health, states that Dr. Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, talks about manipulating a fetus during an abortion simply to preserve certain organs for researchers, which is unethical and illegal to do. He is referring to partial-birth abortion, in which a baby is deliberately born breech with its head left inside the birthing canal until the doctor punctures the skull, and then vacuums out the brain to kill the baby.

Planned Parenthood also does a lot of business with StemExpress, who sells maternal and fetal tissues. StemExpress’ catalog shows that a vial of 2 million fetal liver cells sells for $2,240. In November, the Sacramento Business Journal reported that StemExpress’ revenue grew more than 1,300 percent in 3 years, and Inc. magazine stated in August that its yearly revenue was $2.2 million.

Alarming scientific evidence has proven that unborn babies can feel pain in its early developmental stage. Dr. Maurine Condic, an Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah who obtained her Ph.D. from University of California, Berkely, stated, “Over the next several weeks [after conception], the brain will grow enormously and generate many complex connections, but the overall organization of the nervous system is established by four weeks, [which] is significant because it shows that even at this early state, the brain is not anything like a mere collection of cells or a ‘blank slate’ to be written upon by later developmental processes.” She goes on to say that “the neural circuitry responsible for the most primitive response to pain, the spinal reflex, is in place by 8 weeks of development, [which] is the earliest point at which the fetus experiences pain in any capacity.” Even murderers sentenced to death receive more compassion from Democrats than innocent babies who can’t speak for themselves.

On July 29th, 18 House Republicans told leaders that they “cannot and will not support any funding resolution…that contains any funding for Planned Parenthood.” Republicans have been trying to block funding for Planned Parenthood for years but have failed. The Senate GOP recently introduced a bill that would end all $540 million of funding for Planned Parenthood, and the money would be distributed to non-abortion providers, including community health centers, and state and local agencies. However, the bill was not passed, due to only receiving 53 votes for it, missing the 60 vote requirement. Republicans are now saying that they will include Planned Parenthood defunding to spending bills.

Planned Parenthood is claiming that it did nothing illegal, gets reimbursed only for procedure costs, and only does it in less than 5 states. However, this claim is false, due to the damning evidence in the full, unedited videos, which shows employees talking about selling the “specimens” for profit. The law allows compensation, but not to receive any profit. Savita Ginde, Vice President and Medical Director of the Rocky Mountains Planned Parenthood, was recorded discussing her worries that the tissue program will be seen as “selling fetal parts across states,” and what the consequences would be if “antis got a hold of” the information.

Planned Parenthood also tries to go around federal laws that make partial-birth abortion illegal in the United States. Dr. Nucatola states that some doctors go around the law by injecting, or “digging”, a “fatal quantity of digoxin, a cardiotoxic drug, into the baby’s heart before dismembering or delivering it.” The baby suffers a heart attack and dies, which makes the tissue “softer and easier to pull apart with medical instruments.” She adds, “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.” Federal law states that “if an alteration of time, method, or procedure is used in the termination of a pregnancy for the sole purpose of obtaining tissue, that tissue cannot be sold or used for research.” This is illegal and unethical to do, and the horrifying thing is that this actually happens while the baby is still alive and not under any anesthesia, which is completely barbaric and inhumane. It is unknown if the women know that the baby is feeling a tremendous amount of pain, because a 2001 study showed that 91% of women preferred their fetuses to be dead before the abortions.

Democrats argue that the defunding bill is an “ideological attack on women’s health care and abortion rights.” The Satanic Temple (TST), an “active campaigner for rights to legal abortion on demand, rails against all legislation restricting abortion, including ultrasounds, and abortion waiting periods.” The group states that informed consent materials for those seeking an abortion “are often scientifically unfounded or medically invalid,” ultrasounds are an “attempt to create guilt and discomfort in those seeking abortions,” and mandatory waiting periods “serve no medical function.”

However, a study found that abortion actually affects the mental health of women. In July 2013, the outstanding scientific journal “Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences” published an important study on the psychiatric and psychological consequences of abortion on women, which shows that women who have abortions suffer more mentally than those in other groups. The study analyzed all scientific trials that were published since 1995, which evaluated the “psychological and psychiatric health of women who had an abortion, compared with those who had either given birth to a baby or those who had a miscarriage.” The authors used 30 studies that took into account depression, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse disorders. On 19 studies comparing abortion and childbirth, 13 “showed a clear risk for at least one of the reported mental problems in the abortion group versus childbirth,” 5 showed no difference, and only 1 reported a worse mental outcome for childbearing. Four studies comparing abortion versus unplanned pregnancies ending with childbirth found a higher risk in the abortion groups, while three showed no difference. Authors then analyzed 9 studies comparing abortion versus miscarriage, and 3 showed a “greater risk of mental disorders due to abortion,” 4 showed no difference, and 2 showed short-term anxiety and depression were higher in the miscarriage group, while long-term anxiety and depression were higher in the abortion group.

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood’s President, claims that it has been a “trusted nonprofit provider of women’s healthcare for nearly a century, [and that] each year, 2.7 million people come to [its] health centers for high-quality, nonjudgmental, compassionate care.” She also mentions that its health centers have “continued to provide care to thousands of women, men, and young people every day – contraception, cancer screenings, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and safe and legal abortion. However, Republicans have been stating that funding can be dispersed to non-abortion healthcare centers that can provide these same services.

Although Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice advocates argue that fetal tissue research is necessary to find treatment and cures for many diseases, there is evidence that alternative ways can be more useful. Dr. Caplan states that fetal tissue transplantation wasn’t as effective as researchers initially thought, and as a result, its use has waned. He also stated that many scientists began to work with stem cells from adult humans and embryos instead, because it was a more “promising way to treat disease.” The 2007 discovery that adult skin cells, or induced pluripotent stem cells (IPS cells), can be reprogrammed back into an embryo-like state and have the ability to grow into any tissue type, which is very useful.

Abortion has been a controversial topic for decades. Republicans view abortion as murder, and because Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions, Republicans have been trying for years to defund the organization. Republicans believe that women should have alternative healthcare options instead. Democrats view abortion as a woman’s reproductive right to choose, because the baby cannot sustain life outside of her body. Therefore, Democrats believe that the funding of Planned Parenthood is extremely important to women’s healthcare. However, as the videos show, Planned Parenthood is involved in the illegal profiting of selling baby body parts and performing illegal and unethical abortion practices. There have also been numerous studies in which women suffered more mentally if they had an abortion than those that did not. Abortion clinics say that an abortion “does not terminate life, and that it has no more moral meaning than excising a tumor or a cyst, a ‘clump of cells’ in the most common construction.” However, abortion clinics somehow manage to manipulate abortions to get intact kidneys, hearts, brains, and other human organs from what they claim is only a “pile of goop”. These human organs that Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics harvest come from live human beings, little innocent babies, who were killed in order to get them. Planned Parenthood is profiting from murder, and it is immoral, inhumane, unethical, and illegal, to say the least. Planned Parenthood should be defunded because of their illegal practices, and funding should go to non-abortion health clinics and other facilities that can provide women with healthcare instead.



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