End Nuclear Research and Development

Nuclear weapons pose the highest threat to the existence of mankind than any other because of their radioactive nature. It is a fact that a single nuclear warhead can kill millions of people and its effects lasting for many years. Nuclear power plants also run the risk of directly impacting our environment. In 2013 the Hanford Nuclear site in Washington discovered a crack in one of it’s storage tanks that released millions gallons of Nuclear waste into the soil and water My brother and his family were living just south of the Columbia River at this time- that was in the direct path of the nuclear waste flowing down river. Out of fear of radioactive contamination on my newborn nephew, my brother sold his house moved back to Hawaii. To this day there are record-breaking birth defects in that area. It is important that the manufacture, sale and usage of this kind of weapons be closely monitored or abolished.

The development of nuclear weapons has increased as many countries are investing in nuclear power research or reactors capable of being used for production of weapons. Possessing nuclear power increase a level of war-security for a country. Seen as a threat as well as a defense many countries are racing to level the playing field against large nations like the United States. In recent news, Iran has been seen as one of the countries with the highest potential of developing nuclear weapons. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency trace Iran’s nuclear arms ambitions can be traced back to early 1980’s during its war with Iraq NY Times. The country has been linked with a number of secret nuclear plants capable of being diverted to production of nuclear weapons.

A number of initiatives have thus been implemented to ensure that Iran does not produce nuclear weapons. The most recent initiative was the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which was signed in Vienna on 14th July 2015 by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the E/3/EU+3 countries that included the United States, Germany, France, China, the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation. Restrictions on the JCPA plan include effective monitoring on all political decision-making, nuclear enrichments, and growth/size restrictions on the plant between a 10 and 25 year time period. Restrictions included downgrading Iran’s enrichment capabilities from 20% of purity to 3.67%, freezing this minimal level of 3.67% enrichment for 15 years, reducing its current capacity of 19,000 gas centrifuges to 6,104 (a reduction of 68%), reducing its stockpile of low grade enriched uranium from the current level of 7,500 kg to 300kg (a reduction of 96%), and imposing strict limits on its research and development activities AZ Central. The aim of this pact was to transform Iran’s nuclear program from manufacturing of nuclear weapons to other meaningful usage. In fact with the limitations implemented on the JPCA make the ability to harness nuclear weapons impossible. Through this agreement, Iran reaffirmed its commitment to keep off from developing, seeking or acquiring any nuclear weapons. The effectiveness of this plan has raised more questions than answers on whether it sufficient enough to halt Iran’s nuclear arms ambitions and protect the world.

It is important to note that there are many other countries with nuclear weapons across the globe. Although the JCPA effectively stunts the proposed nuclear program in Iran, it only is valid up to 25 years NY Times. Essentially allowing an opportunity in for expansion to the power plant when the restrictions are lifted. Who knows what type of government officials will be in charge in the Islamic country 25 years from now. What about the political status the United States will hold 25 years from now? JCPA scratches the surface when trying to protect the world from Iran’s ability to harness nuclear power. This pact will not deter Middle Eastern countries from developing nuclear weapons. Advancement in technology has contributed to the globalization of this planet- that has illustrated an undermining race between all nations to be the most powerful. It is fair to assume that Iran enemies that have access to nuclear weapons is a motivating factor for its involvement in the manufacture of nuclear arms in order to counter the threats from external attack.

As much as the country has pledged not to seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapon in this agreement, the threat of possession of these weapons by its closest rivals and enemies could make the agreement not feasible. Iran has the world’s fourth-largest proved crude oil reserves and the world’s second-largest natural gas reserves. It ranks among the world’s top 10 oil producers and top 5 natural gas producers Eia. Already being at the top of the list for natural resources Iran still seeks to harness Nuclear energy raises so many flags. Will Iran stop its quest for acquisition of nuclear weapons when its enemies have not? Definitely not because it needs to protect its territory and people from external aggression and will definitely go a long way to strengthen its capacity in order to deal with any intrusion. On that note, some other initiatives that can bring all countries with nuclear activity to agree on non-production of nuclear weapons will strengthen the effectiveness of this pack Huffington Post.

On the other hand, the agreement is poised to deter production of nuclear weapons by Iran. To begin with, production of weapons of mass destruction is in itself considered unethical just like killing human beings. Many religions including Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism among others condemn murder. Iran like any other country has people that require its protection. One may ask a question, can a country protect its people without the use of nuclear weapons? The answer is yes since many countries including Iran itself has never used nuclear weapons in order to keep its borders safe. In fact, nuclear activity increases the risk of attack on its own people in cases of leakages or erroneous emissions. For this reason, the pact is touted to be effective in curtailing Iran’s nuclear agenda.

Understanding Iran is constantly forced in immense pressure to alleviate the suffering of its people occasioned by economic sanctions imposed on the country by the United States. Every country depends on others for commodities that they do not produce. Similarly, Iran needs to sell some of the excesses resources that they produce. For this to happen there must be some sort of interaction with other countries. The economic sanctions had limited the number of interactions of Iran with other countries making it difficult to sell and buy goods internationally Console on Foreign Relations. By adhering to this pact, economic sanctions will be lifted and its people will be free to travel and do business with the rest of the world. Lifting some of these sanctions and letting Iran to sell crude oil and other natural gas’s to more countries seem like a much better option than allowing them to join the race for nuclear energy.

That said, the world is still under nuclear threat even if Iran does not produce the weapons. The real solution is to limit the research and development of nuclear power across the world. This means abolishing all efforts of creating a nuclear power plant in Iran all together. Innovating new technologies that will fulfill energy goals that don’t pose any negative effects to this planet. The use of a nuclear warhead will have not only affect on the target, the effects of the blast will be felt around the world. Just one leak of nuclear waste storage container could have had lasting effect on my nephew. What will a massive cloud of radioactive waste do to a planet? Failure of the nuclear powers in the United States, Russia, United Kingdom and France among others to disarm has fuelled the risk that other countries other than Iran will acquire nuclear weapons and still placed mankind under the same threat that is being mitigated by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. For the world to be completely safe from nuclear attack there is urgent need to eliminate these weapons regardless of the status of the country that possesses them.


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