Medicinal Marijuana Across The Nation

cannMarijuana has been around for centuries, and states are now coming to the conclusion that this herbal plant has properties that can help ease pain, and other medical conditions. Medical Marijuana is the use of the whole unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat a disease or the symptoms. Medical Marijuana has been seen in many cases to help ease pain without the strong effects of becoming addicted the way other opiates work, and helping decrease many mental aspects to conditions such as depression. There have been recent cases in which Medicinal Marijuana has been more affective then other medications used over time. Although 50% of our country benefits from the use of Medical Marijuana as an alternative to health damaging medications, there is still the other half of our country fighting for these gains. The legalization of Medicinal Marijuana should be nationwide and not only limited to half of our country.

         As of now, we currently only have twenty-five states that legally allow medicine marijuana in certain quantities. Although these quantities vary, many people tend to flock to these states simply for the legality of use for medicinal marijuana. As a person having Fibromyalgia, and Lupus pain is a daily obstacle and I am consistently swallowing over six pills a day, usually to counteract the negative effects of one another like a domino effect. Having Lupus and Fibromyalgia comes with an array of symptoms ranging from tingling finger and toes too severe stomach pain from kidney failure. Medicine for pain is used to ease this pain too much medicine weakens my kidney’s and counteracts some of the pain blockers. Medicinal Marijuana is an asset in my condition because I go from 6 pills a day to 2 pills and a single drop of Cannabis oil. I don’t have the negative side effects of dizziness, and vomits that I would using other proscriptions, and I can keep a healthy appetite. Pain medicine has led to significant issues that are documented and statistical information has been presented, yet we continue to ignore them.

When we look at evidence from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2014 there was an epidemic in the rise of deaths in relation to opioid based medications such as methadone. CDC states: “In 2014, almost 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on prescription opioids” and “more than 14,000 people died from overdoses involving prescription opioids”. These are considerably strong statistics to consider, especially if there has not been any relation of Marijuana (legally, or illegally) that have resulted in deaths. There has been many instances around our country where Medical Marijuana has benefited far more then the prescribed medication being offered, and people have to travel in order to receive treatment which can be very Financially draining. There have been man successful cases of medicinal marijuana. Tristan Forde was a young boy who suffered from severe seizures from a rare epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. His family heard of medical cannabis treatment named “charlotte’s Web” in Aurora, Colorado and began treatment. His results from using Medicinal Marijuana is going months without an episode and his mother says she can now see something in him that just seems much brighter. The “Charlotte’s Web” is a strand of marijuana created to help a young girl named after a child who received treatment from marijuana and had a significant results. Charlotte Figi was three months old when she had her first seizure, as time went by they could find absolutely no reasoning behind it until she was sent to a neurologist. The neurologist confirmed Charlotte had Dravet Syndrome and she was heavily mediated with Barbiturates and benzodiazepines which took an enormous toll on such a young child. By age five Charlotte had regressed and lost the ability to walk. Her parents state that she was having 300 grand mal seizures a week. Grand mal seizures are seizures that cause loss of consciousness and extreme muscle spasms. This unfortunately child was suffering everyday of her life and she was barely even remembering her childhood. Her parents had become tired of seeing their daughter in pain and did research to see if there were any alternatives. They ran across a story of another child with the same issues whose parent were treating him with the oils extracted form Marijuana. Charlottes parents decided this was something they were willing to try. They came together with the Stanley brothers who were very big in the Marijuana industry and used  a low THC level and it worked perfectly for Charlotte. She is now only having seizures once to twice every three months as opposed to significant brain damaging once weekly. These are cases to strongly consider.

Concern such as FDA approval, and other health risk do come into question. When the term “medical marijuana” is heard, many tend to think of smoking but, there are new ways to receive treatment from marijuana and still have the same benefits of its priorities from smoking. Extracting the oils from marijuana has become fairly popular. Medicinal marijuana can be administered through various methods. These methods include, but are not limited too vapor, edibles, sub-lingual strays, suppository, topical, dabbing concentrations in the nose, and transdermal patches. Also, The Food and Drug Administration states that Marijuana has a high risk of abuse and lacks any accepted medical use and is a schedule I drug. Schedule I drugs include, but are not limited to Heroin, and Hallucinogens. Yet, as previously mentioned, we have not seen any deaths as a result of addiction to Marijuana. The FDA is claiming there are no medical properties to Marijuana, yet we find patients with AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Chronic pain, muscle dystrophy, severe weight loss, muscle spasm and more seeing results form using medicinal marijuana every day. Muscular Dystrophy is when the body lacks important proteins, and in 1977 a clinical study on mice by the National Institute of Health proved that treatment by cannabinoids reduced the symptoms and pain of muscular dystrophy. Studies have been conducted and have shown marijuana’s medical properties.  Dating as far back as the early 1970s showing the effects of using Marijuana and Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a complicated disease in which damage to the optic nerve leads to progressive and irreversible vision loss. A Major cause on damage to the optic nerve is too much pressure in the eye. The active ingredient in Marijuana, also called THC lowered the excess amount of pressure in patients with this specific issue. My question is, if Marijuana has no medicinal properties, then using it for treatment in patients with Glaucoma would be unethical and could have worse effect, correct? Thankfully, this is not the case. According to sources, the FDA has sought out advice from Canada as was to regulate Marijuana in an effective way. If the FDA is an issue, it is slowly coming around as should all.

This is an important issue currently being mentioned continuously. Many of us suffer from chronic pain of know someone who does. Life happens to everyone, who is to say an unfortunate car accident occurs, or you become injured on the job and begin to suffer from chronic pain as a result, and a healthier alternative such as Medicinal Marijuana is not available to you because it is illegal in your state? This effects everyone. Taking cocktails of medicine that ease pain or stop seizures but are extremely harmful and potentially addicting, could be dwindled down and avoid causing more medical issues. We are currently at half of our nation already having it legal, but now it’s time to extend that across the other half.

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