Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege



Have you or someone in your family recently visited a hospital or visited a doctor? How much did it cost? Think about that cost if you did not have any health insurance. 18.4 million people were estimated to have stayed overnight in a hospital last year. According to Zane benefits an average stay at a hospital without insurance is, “more than $73,000. With insurance, the cost averages $2,400.” I don’t know about you, but paying $2,400 sounds a lot better than paying $73,000. As Americans, we have access to health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. My wish is to keep the Affordable Care Act in place.

The Affordable Care Act is also known as Obamacare. It is a law that was passed to increase the number of insured Americans. Medicaid, which is also supported by Obamacare, is a medical welfare program for those in need. Medicaid is funded through federal and state taxes. Obamacare is a market for purchasing private insurance; it is designed for people who are ineligible for Medicaid. Since 2014, 16.9 million more Americans now have health insurance, according to Health line. Trump is now proposing to repeal and replace the law with the Skinny Repeal. The Skinny Repeal will remove Obamacare but will allow Americans to pick and choose what benefits they would like their insurance to cover.

The skinny repeal that the Congressional Budget Office proposed would eliminate 15 million Americans from health insurance by 2018. It proposes there would be no requirement for every American to have insurance or pay a fine. “Skinny repeal sets the penalty at $0.” Companies would not have to provide insurance to their employees for a minimum of eight years. It would defund Planned Parenthood and use those funds to give to community health centers. The Skinny repeal would allow people to stock more money in health savings accounts for three years. It would also eliminate medical device tax for three years.

Health insurance has been a concern for Democrats and Republicans. Each party has their own opinions on how it should be implemented in the United States. Republicans believe every citizen should take care of their own health insurance. They wish to repel Obamacare and replace it with Skinny Repeal in hopes of helping the economy by reducing America’s deficit. Democrats, on the other hand, believe health care should be provided to everyone who lives in the United States. Democrats want to keep the Affordable Care Act in hopes of helping America’s economy by providing care to those who need it the most.

Healthcare is one of the biggest issues for debate in America today. This is especially prevalent since Trump has been elected as president. Before Donald Trump came to office, America was under a democratic rule. Democrats brought Affordable Care Act to the surface to ensure that Americans had insurance. There are two commonplaces or views on Healthcare. One believes the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act will help Americans more by bringing up the economy and reducing the deficit. The other believes repealing Obamacare and using the Skinny Repeal will hurt Americans more. The repeal would eliminate health insurance from millions of Americans which helps pay for medical bills and doctor visits. I think it would be wise to keep Obamacare in place to help Americans receive the health care coverage they need.

The Affordable Care Act is a difficult topic to understand. Only fifty one percent of respondents believed they had enough information on the law according to the USA Today/ Gallop poll. Democrats argue we belong to a “’benevolent community’ and work together for the common good.” Healthcare is a right not a product. Americans therefore should have access to healthcare. If they cannot afford health care, it should be provided for them. Obamacare lowers insurance premiums. Obamacare is said to lower the deficit by $210 billion over the next ten years. The cutting of the Affordable Care Act will hurt America. We can see in Hawaii, “$610 billion in cuts to Medicaid that serves over 348,000 people in Hawaii”. These cuts affect so many people and this is just Hawaii alone. The costs will be detrimental for millions. It is estimated that a total of $756 billion cuts will be made by 2026. By 2018, 17 million Americans would lose their health insurance and it would continue to go up for the next ten years. Medical bills are the number one reason for bankruptcy in our country. Affordable Care Act could be the solution to stop that.

Jimmy Kimmel has a son Billy, who is three months old and needed open-heart surgery. Thanks to Kimmel’s paycheck and health insurance Billy was able to have his open-heart surgery. However this is not the case for many others. “’ “Before 2014, if you were born with congenital heart disease like my son was,” Kimmel explained at the time, “there was a good chance you’d never be able to get health insurance because you had a pre-existing condition.” If America is to repeal Obamacare this will come back. Those with a pre-existing condition may not get healthcare. These can be people you know and love. Like Billy, this can happen to anyone. Billy was only three days old when doctors said he needed heart surgery. Would you let an innocent child die just because you want to reduce the deficit? What if this was your child, mom, husband or wife?

We can all say we want what is best for our country. Zeke Emanuel, one of the original architects of the Affordable Care Act, argues his point of keeping it. He makes various points “one in five Americans will lack health insurance if the plan goes through.” 24 million people would lose health insurance. Healthcare on average is $10,000 per American. Who has that kind of money to be able to afford health insurance? Zeke points out that while Americans may be able to pick and choose their benefits this is no real choice. “We’re taking away the money and we’re going to let you choose with no money.” Zeke asks how would insurance work without any money

In refutation, Republicans argue the Skinny Repeal is great for the economy. Lee Chen describes that there will be $1 trillion in tax relief over the next ten years. Consumers would have more choices for their benefits to their health care. He argues, “I don’t believe that it makes sense for Washington to mandate the same plans broadly across the board.” He believes those who are under Obamacare have no choice in what comes with their insurance. Senator Ted Cruz states, ““You shouldn’t have to buy what the federal government mandates you must buy,” Mr. Cruz said. “You should choose what meets the needs for you and your family.” Many believe the Affordable Care Act has made it less affordable. In 2016 alone, Obamacare costs $110 billion to fund.

Republicans see the drive for universal insurance as the government meddling in private patient-doctor relationships. “Americans who can afford to buy insurance directly from a provider are charged higher premiums to help to pay for the subsidies provided to those who buy their coverage from government-run marketplaces—is the sort of redistributive economics that is anathema to the party of small government.” This meddling can be seen as the beginning of the market failure with the high prices of premiums continuing to rise until the market collapses. Insurance companies have lost a lot of money with customers getting sicker and older than before.

The debate of whether to keep or repeal Affordable Care Act is still an ongoing debate today. Since there is only room for two Republicans to defeat the Skinny repeal it does not leave room for many disagreements. When looking at the poll ratings the support of the bill is most highly recommended by Republicans, with more than half of the Republican Party supporting it. In The Hill it states, “Even the ‘skinny’ measure could win support.” Democrats are planning on dragging out the process for the bill and making it as painful as possible for Republicans. Since there are two Republicans who already oppose the bill, Trump has made overt efforts to call them out for not being on his side. “In 2018 and 2020 Trump’s focus should not be on electing Republicans to Congress. Instead it should be on electing individuals who share his America First vision.” If this repeal is going to pass, Trump will need to get more supporters.

The Skinny repeal was not passed as of July 28, 2017. This just gives more reasons as to why the Affordable Care Act should stay in place. It makes more sense to keep it, especially with how many Americans that now have health insurance. How would you feel if your insurance was just stripped away from you one day and had no way to go to doctor visits anymore? The Affordable Care Act is also a way to reduce the deficit. Democrats and Republicans have been debating about this issue for years. Can we agree to disagree or will there be insurance policies that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on?


One Comment to “Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege”

  1. Definitely — health care needs be a basic right for all humans in the world, not just America. For such a modern and globalized country, we are the only one not to offer standard health care to its citizen. This is extremely alarming! Most people will say it’s because of our capitalist economy and basis within our government, but capitalism and basic human rights are also two different things to argue about. The Affordable Care Act does need to stay as many people are so dependent on this. I actually am as I’m under 26! Thank goodness for it because my parents already pay for their own health insurance because they have a small business and for them to pay for both my bother and me… we honestly wouldn’t be able to afford the house we live in currently. A lot of people take for granted how lucky they are when you realize that the benefits of the ACA affects the majority of this country. I understand that there are flaws to this act (as with every thing made or implemented for the first time). I think there needs to be a reform to make the ACA more affordable for everyone and an act that can help more people, but not an entire repeal. That’s insane. I really hope the government wakes up and realizes that not all people have the jobs and benefits that they do.

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