North Korea: The Inevitable War


After exploring the dark side of YouTube, more specifically of North Korea, I became more interested in dictator Kim Jong-un’s leadership and the power he currently possesses. In recent news we have seen a shift in tone regarding the nuclear threat of North Korea, instead of joking about this ridiculous dictator we are now understanding the danger he poses. On July 4th, North Korea successfully launched their first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and threw a celebration in honor of this achievement. This celebration also commemorated the advancement with 190 historical photos illustrating the evolution of the North Korean missiles program. “[These 190 images] reveal with more detail the technological achievements which have allowed Pyongyang to develop a more diverse and sophisticated ballistic missile arsenal.” Ironically, in every shot there can be seen leader Kim Jong-un in the foreground or front and center; showing his involvement in this weapons program means the advancements in technology will not be slowing down anytime soon.


Since writing the first draft of this essay there have been a few developments which illustrates more suspicious activity by North Korea including “highly unusual” submarine activity and testing missiles; however, these developing threats do not solely affect the United States. Last week, “South Korea’s military [said] it is yet to detect signs of any activity in Kusong, the site from which the next North Korean missile test is expected, adding that poor weather may be hampering Pyongyang’s plans for its next launch.” General Vincent K. Brooks of the United States Forces Korea stated recently that North Korea is aggressive in its goal of advancing their missiles so much so that under Kim Jong-un the North has tested 28 ballistic missiles which is more than his father and grandfather combined. I believe this big step for North Korea is a sign of their intelligence and ability to inflict war onto the United States. Fox News is reporting that they are only a year and a half away from perfecting “a nuclear missile capable of reaching the United States.” Many people want to negotiate something with this nuclear threat; however, “General Joe Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that diplomacy should be allowed to play out for a few more months”  and then we must consider a more hostile option (military).

There’s no denying that war is something most people want to avoid but sometimes it isn’t possible to negotiate with a brainwashing psychopathic terrorist. Although, it is important to consider all the consequences before engaging in war. Historically, we have seen the advancements in weaponry cause chaos and terror, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis which placed the United States in a very vulnerable position. “North Korea’s decades-long quest for nuclear warheads capable of hitting the American homeland has been compared by some to a slow-moving Cuban missile crisis,” more on the historical context of the Cuban Missile Crisis can be found here.  Also there was the Korean War which spilt a significant amount of blood making the decision to go to war that much more daunting. Nevertheless, if we do not act now their missile power will grow and what’s dangerous about that is how willing North Korea seems to be in utilizing these weapons. A spokesman for North Korea stated “Should the U.S. dare to show even the slightest sign of attempt to remove our supreme leadership…we will strike a merciless blow at the heart of the U.S. with our nuclear hammer.” This combative proclomation follows a comment made by CIA Director Mike Pompeo “who said last week that the Trump administration needed to find a way to separate Kim from his growing nuclear stockpile.”  North Korea expert Gordon Chang believes that “doing nothing at all about the North Korean menace might hold the most danger of all” which is what many are saying following current evolutions in North Korea’s missiles program. I know people are quick to disagree with President Trump on his ideologies regarding how the U.S. military should be ran; but, given the current state of relations with N. Korea, perhaps taking a more aggressive stance against this hateful regime will be a warning to all not to mess with freedom. Not only does Kim Jung-un treat his own people like garbage, he will not hesitate to annihilate us the next chance he gets. Although people hate Trump I can appreciate the fact that we will no longer turn a blind eye to this threat under his presidency which could strike the U.S. killing millions in the near future. Local Hawaii headlines are blasting “Futile For Hawaii To Prepare For Nuclear Attack” and “Hawaii is Preparing for a North Korea Nuclear Attack With Cold War-Style Evacuation Drills And Warnings To ‘Stay Inside’”( ) so it seems illogical to negotiate with a power that appears to have missiles ready for launch at the U.S. because where do the threats end? What these news headlines are discussing directly affects me and anyone else currently in Hawaii, which is a major player geographically and at times a pon on the chess board.

One EcoWatch article discusses more historical context of nuclear weapons and the danger it poses to climate change and humanity. This article does bring up some logical arguments which add to the panic of North Korea’s dominance on the nuclear war front. “Eight nations now possess a nuclear arsenal; the US, Russia and China all have nuclear weapons big enough to precipitate a nuclear calamity, and a ninth, North Korea, now claims to have nuclear capability.” While some reports blame Trump for the recent chaos between these two countries, it’s important to note North Korea hated us long before Trump was president and is ran by an evil dictator. His people are starving and aren’t receiving proper care while getting brainwashed into believing they live in the best place on earth. If only there was a way to save the people of North Korea while taking out the regime. Some conservative stances I’ve seen on the issue pose threats to Korea’s southern residents so where is the solution in all of this? We just prepare for an attack like a few of these articles suggest or do we put boots over on their soil and take out the enemy?

Although North Koreans are cut off from the outside world, many of them are aware of the terror of the regime and attempt to escape it everyday. They know their South Korean brothers and sisters are sending resources (i.e. food/supplies) to them as often as they can. They are ready to revolt against the regime who has kidnapped, tortured, and murdered their family members. While we sit here and debate our politics, Kim Jong-un’s resources and intelligence are increasing which will target more people here in the U.S. There are so many reasons to take care of the threat and we need to hurry up and agree on how to do that. I’m aware that the U.S. is known for being too involved with other countries, but we’re also know as the home of the free and the brave so why can’t we protect that freedom by putting boots down on their soil and saving the lives of Koreans who want just that. Even Trump understands the repercussions war would have on the U.S. I believe a little sacrifice now will ensure our safety and freedom later.( I have linked one of the videos I was referring to earlier in my essay which shows a North Korean refugee and her story of escaping the regime. The time to act is now and while I understand the natural avoidance people have of war, we also need to understand that not everyone on this earth was raised to think that differences in ideologies make the world go round. Just like similar threats we have faced with radical Islamic groups, the forcing of ideologues onto others opposes all that we stand for as a free country and hopefully one day a free world.


I found so many sources discussing this issue but the chance of war has the media in a frenzy. What do you think regarding the threat of nuclear war? Does it make sense to send troops to North Korea or should we continue this political game of chess? With all of these missile tests done by the North it’s hard not to think this is all a big game that’s about to implode, so what’s the next step?


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