Trump’s presidency won’t last long

rainbow flagThe November 2016 general election has been one of the most interesting, yet stressful elections America had to face. It has made me realize that President Trump is unfit to serve the US and I feel a great deal of suffering for our country in the years ahead. Ever since Trump was sworn into the White House, he has said many derogative things and mentioned how he will make “America great again.” This issue should raise flags about choosing him as president. I argue that he’s a very good liar and needs to be impeached, thus making me wonder why America voted for a man of his stature.

If he stays in office until his term is up, America could go into economic recession and become worse than what it already is. If he claims he will make America great as it once was, why is he turning our beautiful country into a nightmare? What good will arise from that? Steven Burton from the Des Moines Register stated “Trump may have violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause by continuing to receive profits from his businesses abroad. That is a serious violation of the law that the House could consider an impeachable offense. It is unlikely that collusion with Russia by his campaign, without his knowledge, would be an impeachable offense. If done with his knowledge, the story would be different.” Trump’s team knew he had ties to other countries as well, and this proves that we can’t afford to have someone who does foreign exchanges as president. Trump can be seen as a “jerk” as you would call it because for what reason would the president need to do foreign exchanges? This alone should be enough to impeach the man. A quote taken from The Baltimore Sun states “Past presidents have approached the Boy Scouts’ quadrennial gathering as an opportunity to talk about values or life experience or American history. Not Mr. Trump. He showed up in West Virginia to settle scores, to complain about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, to recall New York cocktail party chat, to lambaste ‘fake news.’” Again, do we really want a president who complains about other people?

There were rumors going around about how Clinton wouldn’t own up to defeat and blamed everyone else but herself when she lost to Trump. She would blame FBI Director James Comey and Russia for her defeat, and the Daily News proves this. It states “She also mentioned WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website that some analysts believe to be connected to Russia and which posted the hacked emails of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Clinton said during that same interview, ‘I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on Oct. 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but were scared off.’ She added: ‘If the election were on Oct. 27, I’d be your president.’” I don’t care what others have to say, I feel that she seemed pretty cool headed when losing the election, as shown on national television, and she even congratulated Trump when he won, so Comey’s argument is flawed. The question that has been brought up by millions of Americans is if trump will ever be impeached. Trump supporters, think about what he’s doing to our country. Chris York from the Huffington Post states “At first, the meeting was said to be about a Russian adoption program. Then, it was to hear information about campaign rival Hillary Clinton. Finally, Trump Jr was forced to release emails – mere moments before The New York Times planned to do so – that revealed he had told an associate that he would ‘love’ Russia’s help in obtaining negative details about the Democratic nominee.” Trump is already damaging our once beloved country and if this keeps up, we could go spiraling downhill. Frank Bruni from the NY Times states “With his stances on climate change, trade and refugees and with all the air kisses blown at Vladimir Putin, he has altered our place in the world and splintered its postwar framework. Don’t be reassured by the recent pleasantries between him and Emmanuel Macron: Much of Western Europe is reeling from what it considers a surrender of American leadership. This, post-Trump, may be reparable.” Indeed I do agree with what the author has to say, Trump has splintered the world’s framework, yet he claims he will make America “great again.” When we wake up, will America be as beautiful as it once was?

Rebecca Tan said that in a live TV interview, Kris Kobach, vice chair of President Trump’s Advisory Commission stated that “we may never know for sure if Clinton won the popular votes.” I strongly disagree with what he had to say because not only is he the vice chair of Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission but he will back the president up to keep his credibility to a minimum. First of all, the debate was held live on national TV and it showed Clinton winning the popular votes. Trump believed he won the popular votes, but Clinton beat him by a landslide with close to 3 million votes—Trump won the electoral votes. Kobach stood up for some of the claims made on Trump such as 3-5 million people voting illegally which in turn costed him the popular votes. I have no pity or remorse for Kobach because he is a good-for-nothing liar stating that we may never know if Clinton won the popular votes. Of course she did, it’s obvious by the voter turnout during the live debate.

One article by Philip Bump states that “President Donald Trump once said that he could shoot someone dead in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose any support.” The fact that he said he can shoot someone and not lose moral support proves that he is unfit to serve as president because if he has this “criminal” mindset, who knows what he could be thinking. Republicans pretty much rules the house so whatever happens to Trump won’t change the fact that he’s getting impeached because he’s not. Now, here are some questions for you Republicans that might tear right through your arguments, as Jennifer Rubin from the Chicago Tribune writes it:

  • Why haven’t the Republicans forced Trump to turn over his tax returns? (A large majority of voters consistently have said Trump should release them.)
  • How can we trust Republicans who have defended Trump at every turn to do the right thing if the facts show Trump committed impeachable offenses? (Even stickier, asking Republicans to specify what would be impeachable puts them in a nasty corner. Refuse to answer, and they’ve shown themselves to be flunkies; answer, and they bind themselves to a vote should credible facts come to light.)
  • Why didn’t they demand that Jared Kushner, after his multiple meetings with Russians and failure to report them, lose his security clearance? This will not be the only issue in the 2018 midterms, but unless Trump is gone or entirely cleared, it will be an awfully significant one.

Even though Trump isn’t getting impeached anytime soon, one website shows how the percentage were split equally, 42%-32%. However Susan Page and Emma Kinery from USA Today stated, “The online poll of 1,330 adults, taken July 17-19 by SurveyUSA, has a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points. Americans are braced for turmoil ahead. More than a third, 36%, say Trump isn’t likely to complete his first term, for whatever reason. Only about one in four, 27%, express confidence he’ll serve all four years of his term.” I feel that the man won’t last long in office despite of what previous articles said because hearing what he says in media and his actions in White House doesn’t show the moral strength and character of a leader, someone who claims to make “America great again.”

America, you voted for Mr. Trump so now we must deal with whatever comes our way. Hawaii and parts of the US are already in debt, so if Trump decides to do something that deals with money, we will be in a financial crisis and it would take years to restore what is lost. We don’t want America turning out this way, but I can strongly say that Democrats and Republicans won’t work together to change this. We need to take a stand against Mr. Trump because we need to keep America beautiful, the country that we all knew and loved. It’s time to wake up and realize all the wrong he’s been doing. By removing him from office, we will restore what’s been done by Mr. Trump and this will bring us stronger together.









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