Democracy Might Be Dead in 2020

ballot-1294935_640As President Trump continues to shock the American people in every waking minute, a new controversial poll broke out this week and, this time, it didn’t come out of Trump’s mouth. The Washington Post recently conducted a poll that asked American citizens if they were to support or oppose a proposal from Trump himself asking for a postponement in the 2020 presidential election that until the country can make sure that only eligible Americans can voice. The results are quite shocking as 52 percent of Republicans say they would support the move. Although some Americans may like the idea of postponement, I am highly against it as it goes against the US Constitution and goes against almost every American moral we stand by. The election may be three years away from us, but there should not be a postponement of any kind to the 2020 presidential election as the democratic process will be destroyed in the making in order to keep Trump’s title of the “leader of the free world.”

Voter fraud is the main issue of why 52 percent of Republicans voted for the postponement. Right after Trump won the election last year, he tweeted that he “won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Although Trump may still be bitter about losing the popular vote, voter fraud is extremely rare. There is no evidence at all that show millions of people voting illegally and many analysts are in wide agreement that the small cases of voter fraud that do happen does not exist enough to actually swing the entire presidential election. All the evidence that has been marshaled to say that voter fraud was the real reason why Trump did not win the popular vote is very much mistaken. To deny the fact that Clinton garnered almost 3 million more votes than Trump is to be very bullheaded. The 2016 election cycle may have brought out many accusations of fake news and bogus polls, but voters cannot actually be serious to put democracy itself on hold.

In the same Washington Post poll, they surveyed 650 right-leaning citizens about Trump’s allegations over voter fraud from the past election. The poll not only found that 47 percent thought Trump had won the popular vote, but also 73 percent believed rampant voter fraud happens in every election. On top of everything, 68 percent believed Trump’s claim that millions of illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election despite being ineligible to vote. Between 2000 and 2014, there were only 35 credible allegations of in-person voter fraud and over 800,000,000 people voted in all of the national general elections between those fourteen years. The percentage is so low that it would take nine decimals points to show the number that is barely above zero. So for Trump to say that three million people voted illegally in one election is very absurd.

Besides voter fraud, the overarching issue at hand is illegal immigration and Trumps’ stance on it. Trump has always been a loud and strong advocate for immigration reform. Many people are not opposed to the reform as immigration is a big concerning issue in our country, but with the allegations that he places upon the illegal immigrant population in America is quite ridiculous. Trump makes up his own claims without really conducting any research. If he simply took the time to read more on the polls, voter fraud scandals, and illegal immigration percentages, he may have a different perspective then. That is why having the election in 2020 is so necessary—so Trump can see the flaws within his government and possibly grow from it if he is elected to be president again.

As Americans, all of us are joined together under one thing — the US Constitution. When our founding fathers were building this nation, they were very tired of the oppression they were dealing with the British monarchy. With that in mind, they created an amendment stating that a president should only serve his four years, but they can run again for any reason. If they do win, then that president’s term will have been eight years all together. As much as Trump is our president, we did not elect a king or a dictator that will be living in the White House for more than his term had allowed him. Every president is allowed four years in his first term and if they want to continue their presidency, then, by all means, they can run again as I have mentioned previously. Trump may be trying to hold onto his position of power by not allowing the people to vote in 2020, but we all know better than to actually allow this to happen.

The 2016 presidential election was the first time that I could ever vote as I did not hit the age requirement at the time for the past elections. Finally, as a full-fledged adult, I was able to cast my ballot and I did not vote for Trump. Despite me not being happy with the results, I respected the democratic process and I accepted the fact that Trump had won the election. Millions of people who voted during the election did the exact same thing as I did. Yes, there were many protests and marches throughout the country, but we did everything in a respectful manner. Because I, and millions of other American citizens across this nation, have shown respect, I believe Trump should uphold his end as well.

Of not having the election in 2020, many things are apparent: the Republican-run government may believe that they are in control once more, America may have built a more centralized government political system, and the American people will have been the victims of one of the worst crimes anyone could do—wronging one of the amendments of the Constitution. If we don’t follow the Constitution by not having an election in 2020 on the second Tuesday of November, then who is to say that this won’t happen again with this government that seems to be accumulating more and more authoritative power as you read this article? The poll results are very scary as it seems as though Republicans are willing to surrender their freedom when someone makes grandiose statements despite the fact that data proves it to be otherwise. This problem is not just a problem within the Republican party, but one that is bipartisan because no election means no voting for anyone.

Although the poll only shows the Republican perspective of certain individuals, the poll didn’t seem to include how Democrats or independent would answer this similar question. Many would then argue that many liberals and left-leaning citizens are only trying to make Trump’s presidency look illegitimate. Many would even accuse liberals of trying to get Trump impeached with all of this talk. Republicans hate democracy! Trump is a dictator that will ruin us all! The rhetoric that people believe Democrats are using is very much wrong. The media does seem to be blowing this poll out of proportions, but it’s because of the incredibly low ratings Trump has when it comes to him being in the White House. In the most recent weekly average of presidential approval ratings, it was only 37 percent. This has been the lowest it has ever reached since President Nixon was in office. Approval ratings are usually a bipartisan survey across America showing how the current likability of the president is. Trump has been on a steady decline from the day he was inaugurated and this is a huge problem. We elected this person to lead our entire country and if over half of the population does not agree with his choices, then he really shouldn’t be representing us. We need a president that is willing to listen to the people and actively push for new policies that benefit this entire nation. However, all of this is to be put to the side if the people who elected Trump do not understand the basic amendments of the Constitution.

Whether you like Trump or not, what it all comes down to is our country’s foundation of politics and governance. If there is to be a postponement in the 2020 presidential election, we will have broken a huge fundamental quality that makes our nation so unique and great. America is a country that is built on high morals and we need to be held accountable to those same standards that every one else has for the past hundreds of years. In 2020, I am expecting to be able to vote as it is my given right as an American citizen, no matter the circumstance of how President Trump or our government may choose to be. I am also expecting the likes of you to be voting as well. I don’t care if you and I do not agree on politics because at least our democratic process will still be saved. Although this is just a poll, it still reflects how many members of our country feel about voter fraud. Voter fraud or not, having no election in 2020 will be deemed illegal and the American people will be at fault for that.


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