Windowless Airplane – Emirates Airline

Technology used to be something that we weren’t so familiar with but now it is hard to imagine a life without technology. Some technology can be beneficial while others can cause more negative impacts.Technology sometimes can make us safe but can also be harmful in other situations as well. We cannot just set in stone of which technology is good or bad because everyone values their lives differently due to their lives’ styles they have. Here is another debatable issue on the new game changing in our technology world where Emirate Airlines that decided to launch their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, a windowless airplane with virtual windows. They’re only doing for first class, the economy class will still remain windows for now, however, their ultimate goal is to create aircrafts without any windows. Many have come across the questions about pros and cons and here are some (Whitehead 2018).

Tim Clark, the president of Emirates says that “it’s better than with the natural eye,” because there are no windows outside but plenty of displayed windows on the inside so that passengers will get to experience the new and fancy time while flying on the sky. He wants passengers be able to enjoy the virtual views, the entertainment — such as a wine bar, and the new comfortable luxurious seats that they recently improved. I’ll have to disagree with Tim Clark because from my experiences, being as close to the nature is more beneficial to me than the illusional entertainment from manmade. The benefits that I have experience are such that some quiet moments to allow me clears my mind and the appreciation that I have toward our nature. I don’t think that advanced technology will improve the life styles or mind, technology only offers the entertainment and convenience but it only distracts us from little things around us that can make us happy.

Other benefits that I’ve done researched from the articles about the windowless fuselage such that the plane will be 50% lighter than usual which means that they can fly faster and higher (Howell 2018). Without the windows, 94 weak points will be removed, which decreases the accident that may occur. Besides the efficiency and the safety of the plane, Whitehead also mentioned that the fuel price is predicted to be increased by 25% at the end of this year, which is one of the reasons that the airline wants to cut costs; less fuel will be used but still can function normally. As of today, Flightradar24 also mentions that it will be less harmful to the environment because the airline is helping to save some fuel. Howell provides another evidence of why windowless plane is better “Experts have said having no windows would address fatal security issues, such as in April when a passenger died on a Southwest Airlines flight after being partly sucked out of the plane when the engine exploded, throwing debris at the window, therefore causing it to break” (2018). In this case that Howell mentioned, it is better not to have windows for the passengers’ safety.

Even though there are many benefits mentioned but others argue that technology cannot be 100 percent reliable. As Howell points out “there is an additional safety concern that comes with this idea. In the event of an emergency landing, with no power, the camera on the outside would not be able to reproduce the image on the cabin’s screens, causing passengers and crew to lose situational awareness during an emergency (2018)”. I highly agree with Howell because technology is manmade and it comes with technical errors which sometimes we cannot take an immediate control over it. Furthermore, Victor Carlioz, co-founder of California-based design studio, and Saj Ahmad, Chief Analyst at Strategic Aero Research gave an interview with CNN explaining why windowless airplane is a bad idea. Victor states that with windows, passengers would enjoy the experience on the airplane more as they can see the sky outside (Ros 2018). Ahmad, points out and questions that “if there is an electrical fault which then means that the “electric” windows do not work and you can’t see outside, and the level of change involved would certainly require new tests relating to system redundancy, evacuation, fire suppression as well as pressurization and other stress-related engineering changes” (Ros 2018). Another opinion piece from Hampson, the author of EveningStandard, is that passengers will either sleep or watch the movies on the plane anyway, so it is unnecessary for the luxurious feathers (2018). Lastly, Schwab gives opinions on her article focusing on passengers’ comfort and feelings, saying that because it is with technology, so we know that glitches and errors happen sometimes. If it gets all dark, passengers will get panic or have claustrophobia claustrophobia or have a fear of the confined places and they won’t be able to see what’s going on outside.

The European Aviation Safety Agency took the challenge on the safety of the airplane and insists that “We do not see any specific challenge that could not be overcome to ensure a level of safety equivalent to the one of an aircraft fitted with cabin windows (Whitehead 2018)”. However, they haven’t announced of the solutions that will convince passengers of the safety. As much as we want to know how they will fix the problems, we also want to give them as much time as we need because they have to run the experiments many times until they are certain of what they are doing and that it won’t be bad for their reputations.

The same old traditional way of riding airplane used to be something new to all of us when the first aircrafts were created but now they are common, airplanes are just the transportation that carries us all over the world. This experience with riding airplane is something we can sometimes find it enjoyable when we have to sit with the strangers for hours but we find a way to communicate with them and make ourselves comfortable. We get to hear their stories while waiting to go on our journey when the plane lands. We get to see the bright and dark sky outside closer than we will ever be. We get to feel the bumps of the clouds and know that they weren’t soft like how we imagine. There are many more benefits with the windowed airplanes but if we make it windowless, the natural enjoyment and the benefits that we have will be less.

As is said earlier, when it comes to technology, it can be beneficial and harmful. If we look at from the environmental perspective, people may agree that launching windowless airplane is a good idea because our resources are all limited. Due to the limited resources, there are no questions why the fuel price is expected to be 25% higher than usual and why the airline has come up with new ideas to cut those costs. Also if we look at passengers’ comfortness, anything with technology’s help is almost absolutely guarantee that we will have that comfort and enjoy whatever technology offers us. However, when it comes to safety with technology, they must have to do many proofs and tries to ensure the passengers that the aircraft is efficiency and safe enough to be able to carry them over to go back and see their families. The most important thing to me is the that even though technology sets us up with the fancy experiences, it is nothing to be compared with the uniqueness and the beauty that the nature provides us.

After weighing pros and cons, there are enough perspectives to have consumers decide whether the windowless airplane is better than those with windows. Whatever Emirates Airlines is doing is literally a game changing and is hard to gain trust for those who are insecure. However, once the passengers get on the airplanes, the airline will know whether it’s a positive or negative feedback. Somehow, I feel like the traditional idea and the new idea are both good because they both have benefits in their own ways. I remembered sitting at the back of the airplane and smelled the fuel for hours, it wasn’t a fun experience as much. This is a good alternative to use less fuel and protect our environment. I wish they could come up with a good balance of having windowless aircraft, I like the ideas of making the plane 50% lighter but I don’t want to be all surrounded by luxurious feathers and get disconnected from the outside world.






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  1. I agree, windowless airplanes sound safer but would I really want to ride in an airplane without the ability to see outside? Probably not. Thanks for sharing

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