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August 15, 2015

Children Having Children

5359438BY: Jessica Pereira

Ages 9-11 are, according to the CDC, considered “Middle Childhood.” Children might be developing complex friendships, dealing with peer pressue, participating in sports and facing more academic challenges. As middle childhood is approaches, children become more independent and begin to find their footing as they find goals and develop their identities. When I was eleven I was worried about who I would invite to my birthday party, remembering the steps for my ballet recitals, feeding my Neopet, going to a new school, and not much else. Eleven year olds do have a few things to worry about, but having a baby shouldn’t be one of them. Contrary to the notion that young girls should not carry children (as it poses serious health risks and social consequences) it is a sad fact that 2 million births are to girls who are 14 or younger.

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August 12, 2015

Heated Discussion


By: Maria Goodwin

It’s a hot summer day and you are on your way to the grocery store with your child in the backseat, humming along to the radio while the cool A/C blows on her face. Since there are only a couple items on your shopping list, you figure it will only take a few minutes to grab what you need and that your child will be fine in the car with the windows cracked. What most people do not realize is that those few minutes can be extremely detrimental to a child.

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August 11, 2015

Corporal Discipline for Children: Are We Taking It Too Far with a Full Ban?

disciplineI am crying my eyes out, my face creased in an ugly sob as I refuse to walk with my parents. In the crowded airport, I bawl out loud despite my father’s constant hushing and my mother’s attempts to find out why I would not quiet down. The reason was simple: I was not getting what I wanted, which was ice cream. I stamp my foot and cry even harder. Exasperated, my dad leans down and gives me light smack on my bottom for being a little brat.

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