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June 26, 2019

Non-profit atheist organization wants Bladensburg ‘Peace’ Cross destroyed…here’s why I think it’s wrong.

by Kanani Smull

On June 20, the Supreme Court ruled that a 40-foot cross erected as a tribute to war dead may continue to stand on public land in Maryland. This ruling rejected arguments that it was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. The ruling prompted an outpouring of individual opinions as the court struggled to explain what should be done with public displays that feature religious imagery. Notably, Samuel A. Alito Jr. said that history and tradition must be taken into account when judging modern objections to monuments on public land. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented. She said that the court’s decision to maintain the cross-shaped monument on public land “erodes” the constitutional principle that “demands governmental neutrality.” Kavanaugh said that the decision allows the cross to remain on public land but does not require it. Maryland officials could make other arrangements, he said, such as transferring the land to a private group. In my own opinion, the Supreme Court’s decision concerning the Bladensburg Cross was a respectful one, particularly for those of the Christian faith and, of course, the World War I warriors whom this monument is honoring.

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June 25, 2019

The Elusive Answer to Sex Abuse in the Church

There is something profoundly horrible about sexual abuse. A woman may be taken advantage of while intoxicated at a party. A teacher may ask for a favor in return for a grade. Children may be molested at home. A woman or child may fall victim within their church, which is supposed to be a safe place. People generally feel disgusted at the news of rape, whether they can relate to the victim or not. Similarly, it should stir the hearts of all people to hear that hundreds of Christian churches are guilty of committing and covering up sex abuse.

A slew of cases recently surfaced in Southern Baptist churches. Thus, people have looked to the Southern Baptist Convention to remedy the situation.

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