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June 30, 2018

The Last Stand of The Not so Big, Not so Bad Wolf

afterglow-animal-backlit-247583By Kāʻai Fernandez

So, you’re an endangered Red Wolf. First off, congratulations on that; secondly, you’ve got some problems. Okay, “some” is an understatement, but I’m sure you’re not worried… right? You’re an endangered species—that’s a bummer. And, even though you used to live throughout this place called America, from Texas to Pennsylvania, you now only live in North Carolina; oh, and there are fewer than a 100 of you left in the wild. You’ve been hunted, shot, starved and butchered—life’s been difficult.

And life is about to get a whole lot worse.

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August 15, 2015



By: Maria Goodwin

Compare a personal public bus ride experience with an bus experience your grandparents have had. It’s likely they will tell of fresh conversation and meeting new people. These days, we put plugs in and tune out. Screens surround us – iPods, TVs, cellphones, computers – our lives are enveloped in technology and if often seems there is no escaping it. Millennials  are very attached to technology, but the most in ‘danger’ of a full real-world detachment are the future generations who will grow up completely surrounded by technology. I have watched my little cousins all sit together and not say one word to each while they stare blankly into their bring screens. A moment meant to be spent in community is squandered while emojis are jammed into a text box. As a nanny of six years, what I found most terrifying was the youngest boy being able to work his way around Youtube and iPhone apps, but he could barely form full sentences. Though we’ve made countless important discoveries and have accomplished a great deal thanks to the ever-evolving technological world, the lasting effect it has on our upcoming generations is one I feel could be devastating, especially in a social context.

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August 18, 2014

Online Piracy Kills Your Digital Storage, Not the Entertainment Industry

imagesIn the United States, new movies are typically released in theaters every week. Some are great box office hits, while others are just plain terrible. Yet, who is to blame when a movie that did well in its prequels falls $10 million short of initial projections in its most recent debut? There are several different factors that can be considered. For one, maybe the movie trailer did not spark enough curiosity from its audience. Maybe it was just bad timing because of keen competition with other movies that had the same release date. However, the more popular suspect that will get the most attention is piracy.

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