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June 30, 2011

Australia’s Newest Anti-Tobacco Initiative

Australia's Plain Cigarette Packaging

Australia's Plain Cigarette Packaging. Photo credit:

On June 21, United States health officials unveiled their newest anti-tobacco campaign: a mandatory graphic warning label to encompass fifty percent of each cigarette pack’s surface area. The United States newest effort follows suit to forty other countries leading the way in progressive anti-tobacco campaigns. And in an effort to push anti-tobacco campaigns even further, the Australian government recently announced its plan to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes — an extra step in their already exemplary path. Under the new legislature, tobacco products would be sold in plain green packaging, limiting the brand recognition. The law will be formally introduced in July, and is expected to be passed and go into effect within a six-month transition period – requiring new, plain packaging by 2012. However, uproar of protests from tobacco companies and even members of the United States Congress has greeted news of the law, as they contend that it could be a breach in Australia’s international trade obligations. The conflict between proponents and opponents of the bill rouses the age-old question: Should we place priority over capital interests or the health and well-being of our public.

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